Reasons to Visit the Majestic Starfish Point Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands are without a doubt, one of the best tropical getaway destinations on the globe. These islands boast of a plethora of out-of-this-world amenities and attractions guaranteed to keep visitors at the very edge of their seats. For starters, the fantastic weather on the islands feels like its summer all year round. Then, there are the breath-taking white sandy beaches that go on and on forever into the horizons.

Culinary Delights
This destination has tons of splendid top-star rated hotels and restaurants serving a wide assortment of global culinary delights to keep you energized to handle the endless fun at the island. Let’s not omit to mention that the islands are vastly endowed with fun recreational centres where you get to partake in a plethora of adrenaline-pumping water sports like kayaking, wake boarding and snorkelling. Here’s a tale of one of the island’s most reputed private chartered boats operator. This operator is accredited by Trip Advisor and it goes by the name Crystal Charters. Here’s all you need to know about this excellent travel and tours operator before setting foot at the majestic Cayman Islands.


Starfish Point Grand Cayman Adventure Company is conveniently situated at Camana Bay in George Town right at the heart of the Grand Cayman. You can easily reach the vastly experienced tour guides by using the contacts provided at their official websites.

Beachside BBQs
The establishment is popularly referred to as Starfish Point. That name comes from the fact that the establishment is nestled at a unique and very secluded beach that is renowned for having starfish. This private beach has become an escape paradise for travellers seeking some quiet and solitary time away from the hectic cities. Here, you’ll find these rested visitors enjoying a cold bottle of their favourite beverages while the sumptuous barbeques get ready on the pristine sandy beaches.

sandy beach

Great Ambience
Time literally flies while at Starfish Point. You’ll get so mesmerized by the breath-taking ocean view and ambience that you’ll not realize that it’s already late in the night. But, it’s worth noting that no matter the time of day or night, your utmost safety and security at this award-winning Grand Cayman location is always guaranteed.

Picturesque Scenes
Once you’ve confirmed your reservation at the majestic Starfish Point Grand Cayman, be sure to carry along with your cameras. These cameras are for capturing the endless memorable fun times you’ll experience with your friends and other loved ones at the destinations.

Don’t also forget to bring along your favourite swim suits and sun-bathing creams. Here are some of the highly recommended activities that you must sink your teeth into while at this Trip Advisor certified establishment in the Caymans:

· Deep Sea Fishing

· Beach BBQs

· Watersports

· Mangrove Tours

· Reef Fishing

· Bioluminescence Tours

For a chance to explore and experience the best that the Grand Cayman Islands have to offer, here’s what you should do. Contact Crystal Charters Ltd, and book a stay at their exquisite facilities to enjoy a world of fun and interesting activities. The establishment offers a barrage of outdoor services like, watersports, BBQs, photo shoots and guided boat tours. Crystal Charters also partners up with other accredited and reputed travel and tour services operators to offer a wider range of holistic experiences for the visitors at Starfish Point Grand Cayman.

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