Shaking Hands with Starfish in Grand Cayman

Starfish handshake

Shaking hands with starfish at Starfish point

Here at Crystal Charters there’s nothing we love more than paying a visit to the friendly starfish down at starfish point on our boat tours. Our beautiful Cushion Stars come in all shades of red, yellow and orange! Not only are these starfish marvelous to look at, they are very interesting creatures as they house the majority of their vital organs in their arms, including their eyes! This means if they loose an arm then that arm can regrow to form another entire starfish exactly the same size and colour of the original starfish… a clone! Starfish also get around and can move faster than you think, their tube feet (15,000 on each arm) make them look as though they are gliding and give them the power of a strong grip, which makes for a great handshake! Starfish need a good grip to hold onto their prey as they push their stomach out to digest their food on the outside; talk about bad table manners! This allows them to eat prey larger than what they can fit into their mouths. Often, the most seemingly simple animals are the most fascinating so our Crystal Charters tours always try to be informative as well as fun and friendly!

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