Speed, Skid, and Splash – Water Sports on the Cayman Islands

Fun and adventure in Grand Cayman comes in a variety of packages. Here at Crystal Charters, this including all the favourites: water skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. We offer everything needed to enjoy these sports.

Wakeboarding and Water Skiing – Boats, Boards and Waves
It is thrilling to glide over the smooth waters with the wind on your face. We help make this experience memorable for our clients through wakeboarding and water skiing.

For wakeboarding, we will provide you with a strong and sturdy board and the fastest speedboat with a seasoned guide at the wheel. Our guide will head out to the most favourable spot on the sea to ensure that you get the best experience. Having done this for years, our guides will seek out the best elements and produce the best waves and wakes in your trail for you.

Water skiing enthusiasts can also look forward to ideal conditions and the best winds and waves to work with. Again, we will bring out the best skiing equipment for a flawless experience.

Whether you are just starting out or enhancing your skills, our guides will work with you to ensure the most thrilling and safe experience.

Water Sports

Tubing – Fun for Everyone
Tubing fans will love our tubing sports. We utilize the latest and best tubing equipment for the best and safest experience. Our equipment comes in varying sizes to accommodate kids as well as adults – we will also adjust speed and other elements to make the sport fun and safe for kids.

More Fun and Games
Crystal Charters also offers a variety of more water sports and adventures for those seeking more adventure. Our extra activities include snorkelling among some of the most beautiful and populous reefs on the island, kayaking, reef fishing, and deep sea fishing, among many others.

Fun with World-Class Services
We offer more than just a fun experience here at Crystal Charters. Our goal is to ensure you are comfortable, relaxed, and safe throughout the adventure.

Our guides are some of the best in the islands and beyond. They have an intimate knowledge of the islands and seas, and they will seek out the most ideal spots for whichever activity you may have in mind. They are also pros in the sports themselves and will make the best of the weather and other elements to bring out the best experience. They are also naturally friendly with kids and will safely get them in and out of the water.


At Crystal Charters, we also offer the latest and best water sports equipment for both fun and safety. We have all the necessary equipment and accessories for your favourite water sport. We will also go out of our way to meet any extra needs and preferences you may have. All this is guaranteed at affordable prices and unmatched services.

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