Ten Signs You Are Meant To Live In The Caribbean

Just under half the population of the Cayman Islands is made up of expats, they come from all over to live the Caribbean lifestyle and work in a place most people only visit on vacation. Could you be suited to island life? Here are Crystal Charters top ten signs that you are meant to live in the Caribbean.


1. You Can’t Stand The Cold

Summer is definitely your favourite season, the only good things about Winter are the Holidays and hot chocolate.

2. Your Instagram Feed is Full of Beautiful Beaches

You are always dreaming of the beach and there is no prettier view than a white sandy beach and the sparkling Caribbean Sea.

3. Your Favorite Color is Ocean

Nothing beats the azure blue color of the Ocean you could stare at it all day.

4. You Know How to Scuba Dive or Have Always Wanted to Learn

Its a whole other World down there!

5. You Like Socializing

Island life is small time, everyone knows everybody and everything so be ready to socialize!

6. Happy Hour Drinks are Your Other Hobbies

When its time for that gorgeous sunset you better be watching it with a drink in one hand, happy hour is every day of the week here!

7. Material Things aren’t Everything

Living on an island can be expensive, it can also be limiting in what is available to you but if you like to live frugally this is definitely the way to do it!

8. You Love to Dance

Soca music is the heartbeat of the Caribbean and dancing is inevitable…

9. You Have No Fashion Sense

Flip-flops, shorts and a top…. check!

10. You are Reading This!

Chances are if you are reading this post you already know deep down that moving here is something you want to do

If moving to the Caribbean isn’t on the cards just yet then let us give you a little taste of the lifestyle on one of our private charters, contact us today to make a booking!

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