Why Tourists Flock Into The Grand Cayman? Top 5 Reasons

Upscale mega-resorts, sparkling clean water and sugary-white shorelines, the Cayman Islands effortlessly entices tourists to its immaculate beaches time and again. By digging a little deeper beyond the sand-filled shores – you can easily see why tourists flock to this small Caribbean Island.

1. To Explore The Splendid Beaches:
Dreamlike talcum-powdery coastlines speckled with soaring palm trees, unlike other Caribbean islets, Cayman’s immaculate beaches are un-crowded & sanctified with captivating serene waters. Seven-Mile Beach, the most famous beach of the islands, boasts warm, glistening turquoise water and crisp, alabaster sand that make you wish to bask in the sun all day long. If you can drag yourself away, you will discover a varied selection of waterfront dining options from pleasant fish-fry cottages to five-star restaurants.

The Splendid Beaches

2. To Play With The Stingrays:
The stingray city in Grand Cayman is a must visit whenever you’re visiting this Caribbean Islands. Stingray City is a shimmering sandbar in the North Sound where the friendly southern rays come together in hunt of food. This is the only place in the earth where you’ll get the opportunity to swim & intermingle with stingrays, this wildlife park & its sparkling turquoise waters is good enough reasons to tour the Cayman Islands.

Stingray City Trips

Today, tour & excursion boats, alongside private watercraft, congregate at Stingray City in big numbers. There’re also many companies that offer stingray city trips which all have their own unique features. Standing in 3 feet of water and feeding the stingrays their favorite squid meat by your own hand is certainly an experience in itself.

3. To Taste Delicious Rum cakes:
The origin of the famous Caribbean Tortuga Rum Cakes, Grand Cayman is dotted with the delicious sweet indulgences in stores & eateries all over the isle. Cuddling in an exclusive Caribbean, banana or pineapple flavored cake, stock up on mementos or stop by the Tortuga Rum Factory for free samples in Industrial Park.

Delicious Rum cakes

4. To Explore The Wonderful Sea Life:
Grand Cayman is home to some of the most unique marine creatures like snapper turtles, sharks and all breeds of fish. It is really incredible to see all these ocean creatures in their natural habitats.

Private boat charter with Crystal Charters Cayman

5. Endless Accommodation Options:
The Island features a wide array of resort and hotel accommodations for tourists. Whether you want to stay at the Marriot or rent a private condo, the island is filled with infinite options to suit everyone’s budget.

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